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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: Idle connection timeout where Keep-Alive is not sent
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2014 07:31:21 GMT

Le 26/02/2014 02:21, sebb a ecrit :
> HC4 allows one to provide a ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy which allows
> one to provide a time-to-live (TTL) for the connection, based on the
> HttpResponse and the HttpContext
> There is a default implementation which uses the Keep-Alive header to
> calculate the time.
> So we can subclass that, and provide our own calculation if the
> default one does not find the header.
> That's easy, and I've tried it.
> What is not so obvious is how to specify which URLs need what idle timeouts.
> The simplest would be to use a property to apply a timeout to any
> requests that don't return the Keep-Alive header, but that may be too
> crude in general, as it would enforce timeouts on every host.
> However it would be a good proof of concept that could be used against S3 etc.
> We could add an idle timeout field to the HttpSampler GUIbut that
> might be tedious to maintain. Adding it to the Http Defaults would
> work provided that there was a single value that suited all the Http
> requests in scope (not much better than using a global property).
> Would that be sufficient?

Yes seems sufficient in a first time (have a property or idle timeout 
field to the Http Defautls GUI).

> Or do we need a way to specify the timeout on a per-host basis?
> Maybe a list of hostnames and timeouts?
> Any other bright ideas?
> I propose to implement the single property method (but document it as
> subject to change) so that it can be tested in earnest.




> Then we can see how it might need to be extended.

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