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From Milamber <>
Subject [VOTE] Release JMeter 2.10 RC2
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 14:40:10 GMT

The second release candidate for JMeter 2.10 (r1533061) has been 
prepared, and your votes are solicited.

This release brings valuable improvements and fixes some bugs.

If you can, some tests of this release candidate (load tests and/or 
functional tests) with Java 6/7 on Linux/Windows/Mac OS on changes are 

You can read the New and Noteworthy section with some screenshots to
illustrate improvements and full list of changes at:

JMeter is a Java desktop application designed to load test functional 
behavior and measure performance. The current version is targeted at 
Java 6+.


RAT report:

MD5 hashes of archives for this vote:

18773b7ea680d408be22db9fe43a2382 *apache-jmeter-2.10.tgz
c021a874fc08e08d6e017e342d3db2b6 *
989627c5dbacdfa3a8a5f023739b5709 *apache-jmeter-2.10_src.tgz
d15f28f73d081d0264fb62c4d2db373d *

Site Docs are here:

Maven staging repo is accessible here:


Keys are here:

To download the dependencies: "ant download_jars"

To create the jars and test JMeter: "ant package test".

JMeter 2.10 requires Java 6 or later to run.

Some known issues and incompatible changes are listed on changes page.

All feedback (and votes!) welcome.
[  ] +1  I support this release
[  ] +0  I am OK with this release
[  ] -0   OK, but....
[  ] -1   I do not support this release (please indicate why)

The vote will remain open for at least 72 hours.

The PMC members please indicate the mention "(binding)" with your vote.

Note: If the vote passes, the intention is to release the archive files
and rename the RC tag as the release tag.

Thanks in advance!



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