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From sebb <>
Subject Proxy Server - choosing between user-provided keystore and auto-generated store
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 12:26:21 GMT
In order to implement Bug 55507 (SSL proxy & external embedded
resources) JMeter needs to create and manage its own keystore.

Now the Proxy Server has always supported a user-provided keystore, so
how should JMeter determine whether the user still wants to use their
own store?

The simplest might be to check If proxy.cert.file value is defined and
not the default.
If so, then either the user has renamed the JMeter keystore (seems
unlikely) or they have provided their own.

However, that would not cater for a user who merely replaced the
provided keystore and did not change any properties.

In which case the user would have to rename the file and define the property.
This is an incompatible change, but it seems unlikely that many users
will have created their own keystores, so I hope the impact will be

An alternative would be to check whether the new proxy.cert.alias
property is defined.
This would avoid issues where the user has provided a keystore with
the same name but different location. Using the alias might be safer.


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