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From sebb <>
Subject Drag & Drop incompatible behaviour change
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 17:24:35 GMT
In 2.9 and earlier, it used to be possible to move an element and drop
it before, after, or as a child of the drop target.

The drop destination option box no longer appears, and it seems to be
impossible to move an element after last element at that level.

For example, create:

+ ThreadGroup
+ + Sampler 1
+ + Sampler 2
+ + Sampler 3

Now try to drag Sampler 2 to appear after Sampler 3 - it's not possible.
[Note - Alt+Down does work OK]

Is this intended?

Also, the displayed test element always changes to the WorkBench, but
no element is shown as selected.
Previously it used to change to the drop target.

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