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From Milamber <>
Subject For the next release
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:22:14 GMT

For the next release, I propose:

a) Since JMeter 2.4 and the capabilities to record HTTPS request by 
JMeter proxy, I propose to remove the options "Attempt HTTPS Spoofing" 
and "Only spoof URLS matching" on the HTTP Proxy Server element.

b1) renew the JMeter self-certificat (current expire date is 2014-08-04, 
to a long period (20 years)
b2) Extract from the file proxyserver.jks the public (fake) key Apache 
JMeter to a PEM format, in a file "proxyserver.pem".
b3) Add some sentences in the proxy documentation to invite the user to 
add this public key as  a trusted CA in their browser or OS's certificat 
manager to permit the recording of a https session with JMeter proxy 
(and remove it at the end of record). (or Accept temporary the 
certificate from the browser)

c) Make HTTPClient 3.1 to the default HTTP Request (and Proxy generated 

If you are OK, I can make the changes for this points.

Thanks in advance for your feedback or your agree.


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