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From sebb <>
Subject MailerModel cf. MailReaderSampler cf. SendMailCommand
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 16:00:04 GMT
The recent changes to MailerModel to support port and authentication
aren't implemented in quite the same way as the MailReaderSampler
(however, they are more similar to SendMailCommand).

In MailReaderSampler, the port is not saved in the properties, but is
provided in the Store#connect() method call.

This is closer to the example in the JavaMail API documentation.

Perhaps we should consider using the same method; it's less reliant on
poorly documented property names (AFAICT, mail.smtp.port is only
documented in the Javadoc for com.sun.mail.smtp, which is a
vendor-specific class).

Note that the properties should always be set as Strings, even if they
are interpreted as int, so the port needs to be set as a String. I
think it's currently set as an Integer (boxed from int).

In the longer term, maybe we should consider sharing some code between
SmtpSampler and MailerModel; both create and send messages over SMTP.

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