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From sebb <>
Subject svnpubsub for releases
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 14:20:19 GMT
Infrastructure require projects to change the way releases and
websites are published by the end of this year.
[See separate mail for website]

Instead of manual copying to minotaur (people.a.o) releases and site
docs are to be stored in SVN, and the svnpubsub process will ensure
that the master mirror/master website is updated.

Rather than copy them to /www/, we would
need to add them to the releases repository [1], in our case this
would be
[does not exist yet]

There is a parallel development repo, which for jmeter would be

This can be used for snapshots and release candidates.

In theory, we can use the dev/ repo for release votes, and just rename
the successful RC when the vote completes.

However, the exact details need to be worked out how best to use SVN
to maintain the files.
The files are quite large, so we want to minimise traffic between
workspace and SVN repo.
We also want to retain SVN history, so we can trace the files under
release/ back to the files under dev/ which were in the release vote.

I propose to ask INFRA about setting up the jmeter SVN directories so
I can experiment with uploading and moving the files so the process
can be documented.


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