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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Apache Excalibur Logger
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 01:29:23 GMT
On 22 January 2012 13:04, Philippe Mouawad <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed there was some plan to remove Excalibur logger dependency.
> What is the new selected component to replace it ?
>   - log4j
>   - slf4J+logback

Given that the main focus of JMeter is HTTP, and we use Apache
HttpClient, if we do replace logging it will be sensible to use the
same, i.e. Commons Logging.

But it is a huge job to do this; every single file that uses logging
will need to be updated.

As well as changing all the documentation, config files etc.

> When do we plan this migration ?

Not yet.

> Working on 41788
> <>I noticed
> javadocs for excalibur where no more available on internet.
> I suppose the same question will arise regarding DataBase Sampler pool.
> What are the candidates:
>   - Tomcat JDBC Pool :
>   - Commons DBCP ?

I wonder whether there's really any point supporting database pooling
at all, given that the focus of JMeter is on independent test threads.

Adding pooling effectively means that JMeter is testing the pooling as
well as the database.

> I made some Load tests for an ECommerce site comparing the 2 pools and the
> first one seems to be a little better performing (specially in exhaustion
> cases)
> although Commons DBCP quality is great.

I don't think database pooling is really necessary for JMeter, so the
performance is not a big issue; tests that want to exercise a database
should not be using pooling - or at least should not be using a
pooling solution which is fixed by JMeter.

I don't know whether it's possible to create a datasource which
includes pooling, if so, then that is the way to go - i.e. support
data sources (I don't think we do currently).

> --
> Cordialement.
> Philippe Mouawad.

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