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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release JMeter 2.6 RC2
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 06:16:47 GMT
On 31.01.2012 00:48, sebb wrote:
> On 30 January 2012 22:24, Rainer Jung<>  wrote:
>> Please check the following details. Though I could not find a real problem,
>> I'm not totally sure, that there is no problematic observation. It is the
>> first JMeter release I checked a bit more thoroughly. Thanks for RM!
>> Details:
>> - MD5 OK
>> - signatures OK
>> - key in KEYS file
>> - AFAIK the key is not in the web of trust. It would be good
>>   if we found a way to sign your key.
>> - gz and zip for src and bin consistent
>> - src consistent with svn tag, except for the following points:
>> Only in gz/bin/testfiles: Sample_Chart.png
>> Only in gz/bin/testfiles: Sample_Line_Graph.png
> Those are test output files; should probably be excluded in future.
> Or they should get created elsewhere.


>> Only in svn: doap_JMeter.rdf
> That's normal for many projects.
> Possibly should find somewhere else to keep the doap - it's only
> really useful for the projects.a.o site as it gets updated after the
> release.


>> Only in svn: docs
> Yes, those are the site docs.


>> Only in svn/lib: api
>> Only in svn/lib: doc
>> Only in svn/lib: ext
>> Only in svn/lib: junit
> They are empty directories which don't get added to archives - not
> sure if all archive types support directory entries

me neither.

>> Only in svn: rat-excludes.txt
> That's only used by buildbot.


>> Only in svn: STATUS
> Only really relevant to SVN checkouts.


I will exclude all of the above from checking for future versions.

>> - extras/ in bin distributable not executable
>> - *.sh files in svn and src distribution not executable
>> - bin/jmeter and bin/jmeter-.server files in src distribution not executable
>> (but they are in svn)
>> - xdocs/download_jmeter.cgi file in src distribution not executable (but it
>> is in svn)
> These items should be fixed, but are readily fixable by end users so I
> don't think are blocking.


>> - builds fine
>> But: I had to set -Ddisable-check-versions=true to build from the src tgz.
>> Setting -Ddisable-svnCheck=true was not sufficient, it demanded for
>> svn.revision and setting that seemed to change the version numbers.
> What command did you use to build?

ant distribution -Djmeter.version=2.6 -Djava.awt.headless=true

First added -Ddisable-svnCheck=true because I wasn't building from an 
svn workspace, then added -Ddisable-check-versions=true because the 
build was still complaining about the missing svn.revision property and 
setting that property didn't seem to produce the right thing either.

> "ant package" is the normal developer build; "ant distribution" is
> mainly intended for use by RMs.
> Probably need to document this better.

Ah, OK, thanks for the info.

>> - build result looks consistent with distribution, except for
>>   - timestamps in generated javadoc
>>   - binary jar files
>>   - Yen sign in line 3348 of file printable_docs/usermanual/functions.html
> That seems to be a feature of the build environment - works OK when I
> generate that file on Windows.
> I guess the build file may need tweaking to set the encoding.

It looks like you already fixed it (didn't test it though).

>> - one Javadoc warning:
>> src/jorphan/org/apache/jorphan/test/ warning - Tag
>> @see: reference not found: org.apache.jorphan.test.AllTests
> Needs to be fixed, but not a blocker.


>> - ran the tests (but only with java.awt.headless)
>> - I have not checked the staging repository.
>> Build and tests were done using Java 1.5.0_22, OS was Solaris 10 Sparc,
> Thanks for the thorough checks and feedback!



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