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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: GeoSPARQL Support for ARQ?
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 07:15:33 GMT
Hi Alex

Alex Karman wrote:
> Hello,
> Can ARQ support GeoSPARQL queries?

Yes, it can.
Does ARQ already support GeoSPARQL queries? No, not yet.

Explanation, ARQ has all the necessary extension points and technical
capabilities to use an external indexing/GIS system to support geo
located queries and more specifically GeoSPARQL.

You can find a couple of interesting links here:

For more context on Apache Jena, Apache SIS and GeoSPARQL you can search
on the mailing list archives, here:

In my opinion, geo located queries, as well as free text queries, are two
interesting and very useful extensions to SPARQL and two examples where
mixing a structured query language and unstructured searches can deliver
valuable features to users and customers.

Here is what you (or your company) can do:

 - raise a new feature request on JIRA:
 - help identifying an appropriate indexing/GIS system compatible with the ASL
(probably Apache SIS)
 - lobbying committers and other developers who have already implemented
GeoSPARQL to contribute back to Apache Jena (so that their solution will be
supported by the project, grow and evolve with time)
 - gather support from others who might want exactly the same new feature you want
 - contact companies who provide services and support for Apache Jena and
sponsor some development activity with them
 - last but not least and more importantly, if you can and know how to,
contribute some of your time and help with the implementation and testing



> Thanks,
> Alex Karman

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