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From Marco Neumann <>
Subject Re: Bean generator
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:49:07 GMT
I think the first thing you have to get your head around is that

ontology != OO

secondly if there really is no active project in this space I would
like to encourage you to start one.

maybe based on Jena and XMLBeans or JAXB...

BTW is this a research project or a commercial project?

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Andrey Razumovsky
<> wrote:
> Thanks Marco,
> 2011/3/14 Marco Neumann <>:
>> please post a message to in regards to
>> questions about JenaBeans, and please cc me.
> Done.
>>> Unfortunately, Schemagen is just creating single class with static
>>> fields, and I'm looking for something that creates full set of Java
>>> classes/interfaces, mirroring ontology classes.
>> I see, so you loose the class inheritance relationship?
> Yeah, I'm new to ontologies world and wonder why such framework, let's
> call it OOM (object-ontology mapping) is missing (or at least is not
> so widely used so that I could find it easily). I believe this is a
> key technology required in order to develop ontology-driven
> applications easily. I found good beginnings of the work (owl2java,
> RDFReactor, Jastor etc.), but none of the projects seem to be alive.
> The other opportunity I though about is validating those Java classes
> using ontology rules, that cannot be expressed in code (e.g.
> transitivity or cardinality constraints), Jena can be used as engine
> for doing that since AFAIK it supports reasoning and validation.
> So my vision of ontology-driven programming in Java is that you work
> with Java domain classes, and they are automatically mirrored to
> ontology concepts, validated with ontology rules and persisted if
> needed. Much like ORMs do these days, but using ontologies instead of
> database schemas and therefore gaining all benefits of rigid logics.
> Do you know of solutions like that?
> Hope that makes sense,
> Andrey

Marco Neumann

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