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From "Rob Vesse" <>
Subject RE: Fuseki Quirk?
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 11:22:07 GMT
That makes more sense - I'd thought from our previous discussion I needed to
do ?graph=?default where what I actually needed to do was just add ?default
instead of ?graph=uri

Works fine now

Sorry for being a pain yet again!


-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Seaborne [] 
Sent: 01 February 2011 11:04
Subject: Re: Fuseki Quirk?

On 01/02/11 10:54, Rob Vesse wrote:
> Ok that's great - works for me now.  I was just issuing a SELECT * WHERE
> ?p ?o} hence the lack of results

/me heart rate goes back to normal.

> One other odd thing I've just noticed in testing your alternative query is
> that if I try and do a PUT with the graph set to ?default which if I
> understood our previous discussions on Fuseki should PUT into the default
> graph this instead seems to just create a new Graph (in my case
> http://localhost:3030/dataset/data?default) rather than going into the
> unnamed default graph as I had hoped?
> Is this is the correct URI or can you not PUT directly to the default

That is the URI for the default (unamed!) graph.

Well, actually "?default" is an argument to the operation that means the 
default graph.  "/dataset/data" is a service synonymous to "/dataset" 
for REST operations.  c.f. ./query, /update.  I confess I can't ATM 
remember why -- except maybe "symmetry" and being about to refer to the 
service separately from the dataset.  I think 4Store does something 
similar, without the /dataset/ part.


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