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From "McGibbney, Lewis John" <>
Subject RE: Fatal Ontology {E301} - Content not allowed in Prolog
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:40:25 GMT
Hi Damian,

Sorry to pick your brains on this one, but can you please explain the reasoning behind the
requirement for RDF syntax instead of any of the other alternatives. The reason I am asking
is that I am trying to relate to how Jena reads my ontology files, if whatever parsing mechanism
cannot read my OWL files then I will need to find an alternative method for ontology construction
in the future, as constant conversion is not an efficient method.



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From: Damian Steer []
Sent: 03 February 2011 15:59
Subject: Re: Fatal Ontology {E301} - Content not allowed in Prolog

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On 03/02/11 15:33, McGibbney, Lewis John wrote:
> Hello list,
> Have been trying to load an ontology into my web app, the absolute
> URI is correct, the problem I am having is that I get the following
> output from console when I try to load the ontology. The ontology
> exists in Manchester OWL syntax

That is, as you suspected, the problem. Convert it to an RDF syntax and
it ought to be fine.

I think you can use [1] for this task.


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