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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: ConcurrentModificationException with Fuseki/TDB
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 12:42:30 GMT

On 09/02/11 12:12, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> Paolo - could you run your tests with the new snapshot with a product count of 14092
(5M), please?
> I think everything is ok, now (i.e. I am using Fuseki and BSBM from trunk
> since the script I am using [1] is checking out those from SVN):


I've asked Andreas for a Fuseki log file which should show something.  I 
don't think the problem he found was identical to yours but it may be 
different manifests of the same thing.  He's not running a version of 
TDB with checking - the repeated:


is usually a sign the server isn't making progress on a HTTP request 
(putting a breakpoint in the code causes it).  I think it goes off after 
200s but I'm not exactly sure, nor whether that's "idle" as in "no 
progress" or as in "longer than expected".

> I can see what you have done [2], however I am not sure if I understand
> correctly this: is TDB now throwing a ConcurrentModificationException if
> MRSW locking is not used properly? Just double checking...

Yesterday, I changed Fuseki to do some checking of MRSW locking policy. 
  I may also have found a bug but that was by looking at the code, not 
something I could make happen.

TDB now (as of last week) has its own concurrency checking - including 
checking for change while iterators are active.


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