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From Dave Reynolds <>
Subject Re: Will Joseki solve my problem?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 21:10:28 GMT
On Thu, 2011-02-03 at 17:33 +0000, McGibbney, Lewis John wrote: 
> Hello List,
> I have completed a couple of ontology's which I now wish to use within my web app. I
recently changed the Ontology URI (as I have just hosted it on the web) but notice that this
does not affect individual entity URIs. An example would be
> new Ontology URI =
> however every entity URI still exists inside the OWL file as follows
> http://www.oldOntologyUri#entity<http://www.oldontologyuri/#entity>
> The easy answer would be to manually update every entity URI and replace it with the
new absolute URI, however the problem I have is that I do not know the absolute URI until
I upload the edited document E.g. absolute route to the URI is unknown to me prior to it being
uploaded. My thinking is that I will need to begin storing my ontology's in a server such
as Joseki and that by doing this the URI for any ontology may remain the same even after it
has been edited.
> Can anyone confirm if this the case?

I don't see how serving your ontology from Joseki v. serving it from a
file makes any difference to the issue of URIs.

At heart your problem seems to be to do with your development/upload
process. When writing an ontology you should be defining the URIs for it
so that they are stable, known and referencable, a simple edit should
not necessitate a change of URI.

That said you *can* create OWL/RDF files in which all the URIs are all
relative to the base of the document. That way you can edit the document
without knowing the base at which it will be published. Personally I
regard this as bad practice and likely to lead to problems in the
future, however it is easy to do.


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