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From Robert Campbell <>
Subject Missing elements in the model
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:37:48 GMT
I'm parsing an XML/RDF model from OpenCalais which looks like this:

	<rdf:Description c:contentType="text/raw" c:emVer="7.1.1103.5"
c:langIdVer="DefaultLangId" c:language="English"
c:processingVer="CalaisJob01" c:submissionDate="2009-12-10
06:34:26.635" rdf:about="">
		<rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
		<c:docId rdf:resource=""/>

and the Jena model looks like this:

@c:submissionDate "2010-12-16 05:24:30.722";
@c:language "English";
@c:processingVer "CalaisJob01";
@c:emVer "7.1.1103.5";
@c:submitterCode "c8b1bf20-11b5-9426-afb8-1af10ced91a7";
@c:contentType "TEXT/RAW";
@c:langIdVer "DefaultLangId";
@c:signature "digestalg-1|uUMwnVwAYwcoIRl2ozky6uBts7Y=|f6zt1E2yFp3X0TQ8KAJi1TjwAhRMGK0WjmJXDhRTw1rUs6oLbBwP3w==";

but what's missing is the "rdf:about" attribute in the rdf:Description
node. I need to be able to query this model to get the rdf:about value
along with many others, but it doesn't seem to be in the model at all.
What am I missing?


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