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Subject svn commit: r1659913 - in /jena/site/trunk/content: documentation/javadoc/index.mdtext download/maven.mdtext
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2015 11:29:18 GMT
Author: claude
Date: Sun Feb 15 11:29:17 2015
New Revision: 1659913

Added extras to javadoc page
updated artifact list


Modified: jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/javadoc/index.mdtext
--- jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/javadoc/index.mdtext (original)
+++ jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/javadoc/index.mdtext Sun Feb 15 11:29:17 2015
@@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ JavaDoc automatically generates detailed
   - [JDBC JavaDoc](jdbc/index.html)
   - [SDB JavaDoc](sdb/index.html)
   - [Fuseki JavaDoc](fuseki/index.html)
+  - [Extras JavaDoc](extras/index.html)
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: jena/site/trunk/content/download/maven.mdtext
--- jena/site/trunk/content/download/maven.mdtext (original)
+++ jena/site/trunk/content/download/maven.mdtext Sun Feb 15 11:29:17 2015
@@ -61,19 +61,55 @@ Please check for the latest versions.
 The full list of artifacts is:
-* jena-core
-* jena-arq
-* jena-iri
-* jena-tdb
-* jena-fuseki
-* jena-text
-* jena-spatial
-* jena-jdbc-driver-bundle (See [Maven artifacts for JDBC](/documentation/jdbc/artifacts.html)
for more information)
-* jena-maven-tools
-* jena-security
-* jena-sdb
-* jena-csv
-* jena-parent
+  <tr><th>Artifact ID</th><th>Name</th><th>Packaging</th><th>Description</th></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena</td><td>Apache
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-arq</td><td>Apache
Jena - ARQ (SPARQL 1.1 Query Engine)</td><td>jar</td><td>ARQ is a
SPARQL 1.1 query engine for Apache Jena</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-examples</td><td>Apache
Jena - Code Examples</td><td>jar</td><td>A collection of example code
illustrating uses of Apache Jena</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-core</td><td>Apache
Jena - Core</td><td>jar</td><td>Jena is a Java framework for building
Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, SPARQL
and includes a rule-based inference engine.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-csv</td><td>Apache
Jena - Data Tables for RDF and SPARQL</td><td>jar</td><td>jena-csv
is for getting CSVs into a form that is amenable to Jena SPARQL processing, and doing so in
a way that is not specific to CSV files. It includes getting the right architecture in place
for regular table shaped data, using the core abstraction of PropertyTable.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>apache-jena</td><td>Apache
Jena - Distribution</td><td>pom</td><td>     Apache Jena is a API
and toolkit for working with semantic web technologies such as RDF and SPARQL using Java.
 This artifact represents the source and binary distribution packages generated for releases.
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-elephas</td><td>Apache
Jena - Elephas</td><td>pom</td><td>A collection of tools for working
with RDF on the Hadoop platform</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-elephas-common</td><td>Apache
Jena - Elephas - Common API</td><td/><td>Common code for RDF on Hadoop such
as writable types for RDF primitives</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-elephas-io</td><td>Apache
Jena - Elephas - I/O</td><td/><td>RDF Input/Output formats library for Hadoop</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-elephas-mapreduce</td><td>Apache
Jena - Elephas - Map/Reduce</td><td/><td>Contains some basic Map/Reduce
implementations for working with RDF on Hadoop</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-elephas-stats</td><td>Apache
Jena - Elephas - Statistics Demo App</td><td/><td>A demo application that
can be run on Hadoop to produce a statistical analysis on arbitrary RDF inputs</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-extras</td><td>Apache
Jena - Extras</td><td>pom</td><td>Extra packages for Jena development.
This is the parent module for the Jena Extra modules.   	These modules provide utiliities
and larger packages that make Apache Jena development or usage  	easier but that do not fall
within the standard Jena framework.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-querybuilder</td><td>Apache
Jena - Extras - Query Builder</td><td/><td>A utility package to simplify
the building of ARQ queries in code.  Provides both a simple builder interface for queries
as well as simple prepared statement processing.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-fuseki</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki</td><td>pom</td><td>Apache Jena Fuseki</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-fuseki</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki1 (SPARQL 1.1 Server)</td><td>jar</td><td>Fuseki is a
SPARQL 1.1 Server which provides query, update and graph store protocol endpoints that can
be used to expose triple store(s) over HTTP</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>apache-jena-fuseki</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki Binary Distribution</td><td>pom</td><td>Fuseki distribution</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-fuseki-core</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki Server Engine</td><td>jar</td><td>Fuseki is a SPARQL
1.1 Server which provides query, update and graph store protocol endpoints that can be used
to expose triple stores over HTTP</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-fuseki-server</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki Server Standalone Jar</td><td>jar</td><td>Fuseki server
- combined jar with built-in webserver.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-fuseki-war</td><td>Apache
Jena - Fuseki WAR File</td><td>war</td><td>WAR file for Fuseki</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-iri</td><td>Apache
Jena - IRI</td><td>jar</td><td>     The IRI module provides an implementation
of the IRI and URI specifications (RFC 3987 and 3986) which are used across Jena in order
to comply with relevant W3C specifications for RDF and SPARQL which require conformance to
these specifications.   </td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc-core</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC Core API</td><td/><td>This library provides core functionality
for Jena JDBC</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc-driver-bundle</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC Driver Bundle</td><td/><td>An artifact which bundles up the
standard Jena JDBC drivers into a single shaded JAR file to provide a convenience dependency</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc-driver-mem</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC In-Memory Driver</td><td/><td>A Jena JDBC driver that uses an
ARQ in-memory endpoint, intended primarily for testing purposes.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC Parent</td><td>pom</td><td>This is the parent module for
the Jena JDBC modules.  These modules provide JDBC Type 4 drivers for in-memory and TDB datasets
as well as remote SPARQL endpoints.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc-driver-remote</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC Remote Endpoint Driver</td><td/><td>A Jena JDBC driver for use
with remote SPARQL endpoints.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-jdbc-driver-tdb</td><td>Apache
Jena - JDBC TDB Driver</td><td/><td>A Jena JDBC driver for use with the
Jena TDB backend</td></tr>
+<tr xmlns:pom=""><td>apache-jena-libs</td><td>Apache
Jena - Libraries POM</td><td>pom</td><td>A convenience POM artifact
that may be referenced to pull in all the standard Jena Libraries (Core, ARQ, IRI, and TDB)
with a single dependency.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-maven-tools</td><td>Apache
Jena - Maven Plugins, including schemagen</td><td>maven-plugin</td><td>Plugins
for Apache Maven to perform source management activities,                such as generating
Java files from RDF vocabulary sources using                Jena's schemagen tool</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>apache-jena-osgi</td><td>Apache
Jena - OSGi</td><td>pom</td><td>Apache Jena OSGi distribution and
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-osgi</td><td>Apache
Jena - OSGi bundle</td><td>bundle</td><td>     Embedding the main
Jena modules (iri/core/arq/tdb) in a single OSGi bundle.   </td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-osgi-test</td><td>Apache
Jena - OSGi integration tests</td><td>bundle</td><td>Tests for jena-osgi
as a bundle</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-sdb</td><td>Apache
Jena - SDB (SQL based triple store)</td><td>jar</td><td>SDB is a persistence
layer for use with Apache Jena that uses an SQL database to store triples/quads.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-security</td><td>Apache
Jena - Security</td><td/><td>Security (Permissions) wrapper around Jena
RDF implementation.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-spatial</td><td>Apache
Jena - SPARQL Spatial Search</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-text</td><td>Apache
Jena - SPARQL Text Search</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>jena-tdb</td><td>Apache
Jena - TDB (Native Triple Store)</td><td>jar</td><td>TDB is a storage
subsystem for Jena and ARQ, it is a native triple store providing persisent disk based storage
of triples/quads.</td></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>schemagen-demo</td><td>schemagen-test</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>schemagen-test</td><td>schemagen-test</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>schemagen-test</td><td>schemagen-test</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>schemagen-test</td><td>schemagen-test</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
+  <tr xmlns:pom=""><td>schemagen-test</td><td>schemagen-test</td><td>jar</td><td/></tr>
 These artifacts are used to deliver Jena:

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