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Subject svn commit: r1517070 - /jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/jdbc/custom_driver.mdtext
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 21:58:01 GMT
Author: rvesse
Date: Fri Aug 23 21:58:01 2013
New Revision: 1517070

Basic documentation on creating custom JDBC driver implementations


Added: jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/jdbc/custom_driver.mdtext
--- jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/jdbc/custom_driver.mdtext (added)
+++ jena/site/trunk/content/documentation/jdbc/custom_driver.mdtext Fri Aug 23 21:58:01 2013
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+Title: Creating a Custom Jena JDBC Driver
+As noted in the [overview](index.html#overview) Jena JDBC drivers are built around a core
+library which implements much of the common functionality required in an abstract way.  This
+means that it is relatively easy to build a custom driver just by relying on the core library
+and implementing a minimum of one class.
+## Custom Driver class
+The one and only thing that you are required to do to create a custom driver is to implement
+a class that extends `JenaDriver`.  This requires you to implement a constructor which simply
+needs to call the parent constructor with the relevant inputs, one of these is your driver
+connection URL prefix i.e. the `foo` in `jdbc:jena:foo:`.  Implementation specific prefixes
+must conform to the regular expression `[A-Za-z\d\-_]+:` i.e. some combination of alphanumerics,
+hyphens and underscores terminated by a colon.
+Additionally you must override and implement two abstract methods `connect()` and `getPropertyInfo()`.
+The former is used to produce an instance of a `JenaConnection` while the latter provides
+that may be used by tools to present users with some form of user interface for configuring
+connection to your driver.
+An important thing to note is that this may be all you need to do to create a custom driver,
it is
+perfectly acceptable for your `connect()` implementation to just return one of the implementations
+from the built-in drivers.  This may be useful if you are writing a driver for a specific
store and
+wish to provide simplified connection URL parameters and create the appropriate connection
+## Custom Connection class
+The next stage in creating a custom driver (where necessary) is to create a class derived
+`JenaConnection`.  This has a somewhat broader set of abstract methods which you will need
to implement
+such as `createStatementInternal()` and various methods which you may optionally override
if you
+need to deviate from the default behaviors.
+If you wish to go down this route then we recommend looking at the source for the built in
+to guide you in this.  It may be easier to extend one of the built-in implementations rather
than writing
+an entire custom implementation yourself.
+Note that custom implementations may also require you to implement custom `JenaStatement`
and `JenaPreparedSatement`
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