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Subject [Apache James Wiki] Updated: JamesVolunteers
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 23:43:27 GMT
   Date: 2004-05-18T16:43:27
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Apache James Wiki
   Page: JamesVolunteers
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/james/JamesVolunteers

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Change Log:

@@ -46,3 +46,5 @@
 [http://vincent.keunen.net Vincent Keunen][mailto:vincent.keunen@manex.be email] I have been
following James for quite some time.  I'm a Java - Open Source - Messaging systems enthusiast,
living in Belgium/Europe.  I run a small company called [http://manex.be Manex] where, amongst
other things, we have used James as part of an "Electronic Notaire" prototype product for
local hospitals.  Would love to use James as our main production server, but we are waiting
for IMAP and a good Webmail.  Willing to contribute, but don't have much free time.
 [mailto:mrcookies-removeThisAndHyphen@yahoo.com Patrick Hubbard] - Volunteer software polisher.
 I found James last year and use it to support a bewildering number of demo and POC activities,
and am completing my own robust replacement for RemoteManager to support those activities.
 I'd like to see these currently private features included in James, especially the remote
admin API and simple HTTP admin server.  I'm also interested in rewriting aliasing to support
unlimited aliases thought full user account-address decoupling, (also allowing better LDAP
integration).  I'm in the business of adding product features that accelerate product/solution
adoption by end users and want to drive for the day that the O'Reilly "James in a Nutshell"
is released.
+[http://www.cybermagic.co.nz/people/damon-rand Damon Rand] - James wannabe. Currently running
several dozen mail domains on a Win2k server with a commercial MTA package. My main problem
with the current solution is that mbox format makes the file structure difficult to backup
and restore -- maildir support is essential for me. I want to migrate to an opensource MTA
but don't want to take the Linux leap -- my skills are on Windows/Java. There should be an
opensource mailserver that runs natively under Windows and is as well respected as Apache
HTTPD or Tomcat. I am interested in helping James to be as good as my current commercial MTA
(eg. better HTTP based user self service) but with maildir support and help integrate conversion
tools to make migrating from other MTAs to James smooth

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