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From Timothy Prepscius <timprepsc...@gmail.com>
Subject anonymizing james a bit
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:53:03 GMT
Few notes:

off of: http://james.apache.org/server/3/config.html
says:  Not Found

I am planning on making a few changes in James.  
I thought I would check to make sure these have not been done and I just need to modify a
configuration file.

1. I want to remove all plain-text e-mail addresses.

Basically, an e-mail arrives, James hashes the xxx@mydomain.xxx for all recipients of valid
domains, and then uses the hash from then on.
I want to make james so that it is not possible to view the user list.  You can still modify
user lists, but you must do it through hashes.

2.  I want to modify the message queue to pre-encrypt with a RSA Public Key of the intended
recipient.  After encryption, I should have the hash of the recipient, and an encrypted byte

3.  I want to force ClientServer SSL handshakes.  I want to remove the ability to SSL Proxy.
 I want to create a special log for all refusals written to network stream to another computer.
 (I figure log4j has the logging functionality)

Have any of these been done before?  I will do them next week.   Do you want the code changes?


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