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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Resending email from a DB repository.
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 16:55:45 GMT
  Hi Max,

Current implementation of FromRepository is "mailet is triggered further 
to  matcher, but *all* mails of the repository are reprocessed, 
independently of the matcher...".
I was also confused about this.

Two comments on your request:
1.- I am also interessed in having a kind of "spam" folder per user 
where mails tagged as spam would be directed. This is what you mean with 
your portal case (btw, outlook has such a spam directory per user).
2.- You're talking about using subject as recpicient. I would rather use 
the mail id which is supposed to be unique on the server.

I don't know if this makes sense in the frame of your project ?
If yes, I don't see how to implement with current mailets/matchers/... 
Maybe someone else can help and show how ??

If we have to develop it, a "ToFolder" mailet could be imagined...



On 31/08/2010 18:25, Max Levinson wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I've tested it, and it is not exactly what I wanted from this mailet.
> And I also found a couple of weird problems:
> 1. When you type this in spoolmanager.xml
>   <processor name="spam">
>    <mailet match="All" class="ToRepository">
>     <repositoryPath>db://maildb/messages/spam/</repositoryPath>
>     <passThrough>true</passThrough>
>    </mailet>
>    <mailet match="RecipientIs=sales@domain.com" class="FromRepository">
>    <repositoryPath>db://maildb/messages/spam</repositoryPath>
>    <processor>  transport</processor>
>    <delete>true</delete>
>   </mailet>
>   </processor>
> It seems it's not only pushes emails matched by this matcher (RecipientIs=
> sales@domain.com) but the rest of emails as well.
> Second problem is when spam is caught and it suppose to go to spam
> repository and it not matches the matcher is not hold in spam repository
> anymore but instead passed through to transport :(
> So what I am trying to achieve here, let's imagine I have a portal where
> user can see his spam repository, user decided to release a message,he is
> choosing a message and clicks release on a portal.
> Then I need to give James and idea in real time that this message should be
> pushed to transport processor for further delivery(I can generate a config
> entry which will have a matcher SubjectIs with a subject which should be
> released). I don't think that the matcher RecipientIs will work for me here,
> because there still can be other messages which user don't want to release
> from spam repository which has the same recipient, will matcher like
> SubjectIs will work in this case?
> Can I achieve what I need in current James trunk?
> Please help, I am got stuck for more then a month on this :( And this is
> what my users and boss want desperately.
> 2010/8/27 Eric Charles<eric@apache.org>

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