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From "John Saxton" <tha...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: documentation & configuration
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2007 18:34:17 GMT

>John Saxton ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've recently downloaded James binary & source & am trying to get myself
> > acquainted with it.
> >
> > Although there is some good documentation around, I can't seem to find
> > answers to some of my questions (apologies if I haven't looked hard
> > enough/spent enough time reading up on general ideas)
> >
> > So,
> >
> > Is there a general overview of how the different services work together
> > - the process of receiving mail, putting it onto spools & subsequent
> > processing?
>Unfortunately no.
>But I can give you some hint:
>1) SMTPServer: receives messages and send them to the spool.
>   1b) FetchMail: similar to SMTPServer, but it is scheduled and read
>messages from another POP3 server.
>2) SpoolManager: manage messages in the spool, reading the new one and
>executing processors.
>3) RemoteDelivery is a special mailet: it manage its own delivery spool
>and do the actual delivery.
>4) LocalDelivery is a special mailet: it store the message in the inboxes.
>5) POP3Server read the messages from the inboxes.

Thanks, I had taken a look through the code before you replied & it is 
generally quite simple to understand.

> > I looked through the posting archives, but couldn't find an answer to
> > the following question - is it possible to have multiple James instances
> > running & have each instance responsible for a predetermined clump of
> > users?
>users or domains?
>Try explaining better what you expect/you're trying to achieve and I'll
>try to give you an hint.

Is it possible to have multiple james instance servicing one domain, with 
the users divided between the James instances? I suspect it is, but not sure 
whether this is immediately configurable.
What approach would you take to get this configuration running?

> > Is there accessible documentation on Phoenix? Since Avalon is closed, I
> > couldn't find a source of information on it.
>Unfortunately no. Phoenix/Avalon are not difficult, but documentation is
>really lacking. I remember it took a lot to me to find out what exactly
>happens under the hood.
>Btw the key part to understand what are the componens and how they
>interact is looking at the assembly.xml descriptor (james-assembly.xml
>in the source tree). This show you what components are used and what are
>their dependencies. The initialize/configure/service methods from the
>components main classes will explain what exactly happens then.
> > I'm looking to try & get James up & running locally in a usable manner
> > (Only got it running in a test configuration so far) and possibly to
> > work on the code. The above requested information would help me greatly
> > in this.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > John
>Unfortunately you only get the javadocs for JAMES Server, some docs in
>the website and some page (maybe outdated) in the WIKI. Not too much,
>but please ask specific questions and I'll try to reply.
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