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From "Seib, Broc" <bs...@purdue.edu>
Subject RE: SMTP_AUTH or not to SMTP_AUTH
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 20:54:34 GMT
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> From: Sujit Jagdev [mailto:Sujit.Jagdev@casero.com] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 3:36 PM
> To: James Users List
> Subject: RE: SMTP_AUTH or not to SMTP_AUTH
> Dear All,
> I have been using JAMES for over a year. I use it to handle 
> email alerts from hardware devices on the network. I have 
> configured these devices with varying userids and passwords 
> as I need the SMTP_AUTH mechanism on. But, now I have to 
> incorporate devices that cannot support SMTP_AUTH. These less 
> sophisticated mail clients need to be managed as well. Is 
> there anyway I can get JAMES to handle mail while toggling 
> SMTP_AUTH mechanism. Or do I have to install another instance 
> of JAMES to manage mail from this different sets of devices. Sujit

I run apache james 2.2.0 and use SMTP_AUTH "selectively".

Actually when you have SMTP_AUTH enabled, it is only required of the
client if the recipient hostname is not found in your list of
servernames. So given:

  <servernames autodetect="false" autodetectIP="false">

If a message is sent to "user@mailhome.foo.domain" or to
"user@moremail.foo.domain" then SMTP_AUTH is not required.

But if a message were sent to "user@otherhost.foo.domain" or
"user@outside.world.domain", then SMTP_AUTH must take place.

Also, there is the
<authorizedAddresses>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xxx</authorizedAddresses> section
where you can enumerate address of senders that don't require SMTP_AUTH
in order to relay.

So if your hardware devices are sending mail to a domain you control,
then you should be fine. If you can count of the addresses of the
devices, you'll be fine. Otherwise you could write a mailet that matches
mail coming from those specific devices and let them go out.

If for some reason you must run a separate SMTP server, I have been
successfully running multiple copies of james within one phoenix


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