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From Monish...@netscape.net (Monish Rai)
Subject Typed Characters not visible in Remote Manager
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 20:56:49 GMT

I am using the following Version on Windows 2000 Professional:
Using PHOENIX_HOME:   C:\James\james-2.2.0
Using PHOENIX_TMPDIR: C:\James\james-2.2.0\temp

Phoenix 4.0.1

James 2.2.0
Remote Manager Service started plain:4555
POP3 Service started plain:110
SMTP Service started plain:25
NNTP Service Disabled
Fetch POP Disabled
FetchMail Disabled

Issue Is:
When I login into Remote Manager: 
Whatever I type is not visible. 
The commands do take effect. 
The result of the commands also shows up on the screen.
But... what is typed on the keyboard, does not appear on the screen/monitor.

c:\> telnet localhost 4555
JAMES Remote Administration Tool 2.2.0
Please enter your login and password
Login id:
--> Now when I type "root", this is not visible on screen <--
--> Now when I type the password it is also not visible on screen <--
Welcome root. HELP for a list of commands
--> Now if I type "help" it is still not visible <--
Currently implemented commands:
help                                    display this help
listusers                               display existing accounts
countusers                              display the number of existing accounts
adduser [username] [password]           add a new user
verify [username]                       verify if specified user exist
deluser [username]                      delete existing user
setpassword [username] [password]       sets a user's password
setalias [user] [alias]                 locally forwards all email for 'user' to 'alias'
showalias [username]                    shows a user's current email alias
unsetalias [user]                       unsets an alias for 'user'
setforwarding [username] [emailaddress] forwards a user's email to another email address
showforwarding [username]               shows a user's current email forwarding
unsetforwarding [username]              removes a forward
user [repositoryname]                   change to another user repository
shutdown                                kills the current JVM (convenient when James is run
as a daemon)
quit                                    close connection

I shall appreciate if someone can recommend a solution to this problem.


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