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From Jeremy.F...@hk.standardchartered.com
Subject James as a gateway from mail to other transports?
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 05:46:06 GMT
I am not currently a James user but I am trying to decide if I can use it 
to simplify a real problem.

I need to send and receive files via mail to an outside vendor. So far so 
easy. However my internal clients want to pass me the outbound files via 
MQ or FTP and for me to send them their inbound files in the same way.

If my understanding is right, the inbound will work okay with James. I 
recieve the mail and pass to a mailet that forwards the attachement via 
MQ, FTP or whatever.

Can anyone guide me as to the outbound side? Is there a way for James to 
monitor a spool directory and turn files in that directory into mail with 
an attachement?

Insight gratefully received. I'd like to avoid a blind alley if I can.

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