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From "Brian J. Sayatovic" <t...@one.net>
Subject Re: mailet calls
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 00:57:14 GMT
jaysheel bhavsar wrote:

>	If I want to make call a mailet, only when james first starts up, where would 
>I put my mailet script in the config.xml file?
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XML has this ability built in.  Check out the JAmes config.xml itself.  
It can start out with a DOCTYPE declaration that declares a new entity 
to be the content of another file.  For example:

    <!DOCTYPE config [
        <!ENTITY fetchmailConfig SYSTEM 

Then, later in the same XML file, you reference the "entity" like this:


So now you have some rudimentary control.  If you wanted to control it 
via a script, you could echo some variables form a batch to teh file 
you're entity declaration references before the XML file is read.


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