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From Bosco So <bosco_groundspr...@despammed.com>
Subject Re: 2 Instances of James with single sql db?
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 21:06:12 GMT
The spoolers on the various machines will fight each other. This happens 
on both outbound and inbound spool. I solved it by moving those spools 
to local filestore.

>Is there any potential problem with running two instances of James on
>different boxes to the same mail db (jdbc)?  I'm moving my domain from
>one box with one IP address to another box with another IP address in
>the same rack (unfortunately I can't just move the IP address to the new
>box).  To minimize problems during the DNS propagation time, I'd like to
>set up James on both boxes to use the same common jdbc db.  Can that be
>done?  Or are the two spoolers going to fight with each other?

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