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From Blake Watson <d...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: Basic JAMES questions
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 22:29:59 GMT
Hello, James Users List!

	I'm setting up James to handle my domain mail. (kingdomrpg.com) I'm 
moving from someone else's server (HostSave) to my own, and the last 
missing piece is mail-server.	I want to set it up and make sure it 
works before transferring the domain, however. 

	So, I have a couple of very basic questions. I've set up James, and I 
think it works, but I realize I don't know how to address the server. 
I know I should be able to send e-mail to user@[] but I 
don't know how to set up my e-mail client to address the POP and SMTP 
servers. This seems to be "everybody knows" type of info since all the 
help I've seen just says "Yeah, now that you've got it running you can 
send your mail out through it."

	The simplest questions:

	1. Setting aside the domain question, now that I've set up James, how 
do I address the incoming mail server. Would it be 

	2. Would the outgoing be pop.kingdomrpg.com, pop3.kingdomrpg.com, or 

	3. Now considering the domain, would the incoming and outgoing be 
addressed mail.[]?

	4. James can "auto-detect" IPs and domains, I believe. Does that mean 
James will be aware when [] = kingdomrpg.com, or should 
I manually enter this stuff?

	Thanks for your patience!


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