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From Blake Watson <d...@pacbell.net>
Subject RE: Basic JAMES questions
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 03:02:43 GMT
OK, thanks for all the info on DNSes and such. I'm digesting and 

My current problem, I guess, then, is that I can send e-mail from my 
James installation but not receive it.

OK, digging through the mail folder, I see all the messages I sent to 
myself. In the SPAM folder. lol

So, I dig through the help and it says to add my IPs and domains to 
the mailet matcher so that they're not IDed as spam.

The first place I find to change this is in this section:

      <!-- The root processor is a required processor - James routes 
all mail on the spool -->
      <!-- through this processor first. -->
      <!-- -->

This is in there:

         <!-- <mailet match="SenderInFakeDomain" class="ToProcessor"> 
         <!--    <processor> spam </processor>                        
         <!-- </mailet>                                               

And I add:

            <processor> spam </processor>

Everything still goes to spam, though. So I take out the 
"SenderInFakeDomain" thing, no change. Then I take out my addition, no 
change. So I figure I'm in the wrong place.

The next section I look at is here:

<!-- If you are using SMTP authentication then you can (and generally 
<!-- should) disable this matcher/mailet pair. -->

I go through the same steps as above, and again nothing changes, 
except that if I take everything out, the messages no longer go to the 
spam folder. They just vanish.


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