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From Cadbury <codename1...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: a very simple question..hope anyone/everyone can help
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 07:10:13 GMT
cause i need mySql to be able to process all the mails...although I don't want them to be processed
one thing i've noted there's a table called deadletter in my mail mySQL database; i don't
remember creating it..or is the table deadletter are created automatically when I set the
<mailet match="All" class="Null"/>  tag in my config.xml file?
but when I checked the content of the table it's all empty although I've tried sending emails
to my localhost account.
one more thing..do I need to remove the 
<mailet match="All" class="ToProcessor">
            <processor> transport </processor>

tag from my config.xml file?

thanx a lot again for helping.

Cadbury <codename13th@yahoo.com> wrote:
uh uh...thanx a lot bill...that kinda solve my question :D
which lead me to another question..do james delete the email then? if not where do james store
them? cause I still need the emails although I don't them to be processed further...
thanx again 

bill page <billp@snakeriversoftware.com> wrote:
What is it you're trying to do that isn't accomplished by:
<mailet match="All" class="Null"/>  
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From: Cadbury [mailto:codename13th@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 12:12 AM
To: James Users List
Subject: a very simple question..hope anyone/everyone can help

hi all

here's my question. how do I write a mailet that will stop processing all incoming emails.
that is, a mailet with the 


inside the source code. Theoretically i know how to do it. but not in practical. I have only
very little idea on how to write custom mailet and deploying it. I've read the documentation
but I can't understand them all. Perhaps cause i'm under pressure trying to finish this thing
by today.

Thanks a lot to everyone who's willing to help me.


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