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From "joni santoso" <str...@plasa.com>
Subject Can my james do these :)
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 07:46:45 GMT

after spending time for reading james 2.1.2 docs, i tried
to create a mailing list. it worked.

now, i have some questions:

1. is it possible to create mailing list dynamically 
touching the config.xml? what api to use? james or 
any example?

2. can i change the subscribe and unsubscribe emails?
i want something like ...-subscribe@... or ...-join@... 
instead of

and is it possible to have them unique for each mailing 
say list1-join@..., list2-subscribe@... for subscribing.

3. after one subscribes, i want to have the confirmation 
comes from
list_name@... (or list_name_majordomo@... or sth like 
that) instead of posmaster@... 
can i do that?

4. i tried doing addfooter before. it still didn't work. 
so, i wonder whether i can 
add footer programatically to the lists and each list has 
unique footer.

5. can james handle bouncing email addresses? how?


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