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From "Steve Caum" <st...@caumfamily.com>
Subject RE: James Newbie Question On Alias Management
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 12:16:20 GMT
Jack, I recall from your first post in this thread that your original
desire was to be able to have multiple generic email ID's (i.e. info,
sales, pricequote, etc) and alias them to real email ID's.  Your
original description is:

..., but I don't see how multiple aliases can be used.  In other words,
I want the user account for john.doe(at)acme.com to handle e-mail
addressed to sales(at)acme.com, info(at)acme.com and
pricequote(at)acme.com. ...

(On a side note, this requirement actually can be solved with aliases.
You create four mail accounts; 'sales', 'info', 'pricequote' and
'john.doe'.  Then add an alias to the first three that forwards the mail
to the fourth (john.doe).  The only difference between an alias and a
forward is that an alias goes to an another account in the James DB, and
a forward can be to anyone, anywhere on the internet.)

However, given your need for a dynamic, software driven solution, let me
throw out another idea (I'm just full of them these days ;-)).  I
discovered that you can use James' list server features, without the
auto-subscribe and unsubscribe by simply not using the mailet,
"AvalonListservManager", and using only the "AvalonListserv" mailet.
You still have to create a separate entry in config.xml for each generic
ID, but you can manage the list by programatically inserting or deleting
entries in the database table (the 'lists' table).  Here are the two
entries you'll need in config.xml for each generic ID.  You'll note that
'replytolist' is false.  This is important, otherwise when john.doe
responds to a note sent to 'sales', the response will go back to the
list.  Not exactly what you want!

===> Added to the 'root' processor section <===
   <mailet match="RecipientIs=sales@acme.com" class="AvalonListserv">
          <membersonly> false </membersonly>
          <attachmentsallowed> true </attachmentsallowed>
          <replytolist> false </replytolist>

===> Added to the mailstore section <===
  <repository name="sales"

This is a hack, and I don't think it was ever an intended use for the
list server.  But, it solved my problem.  Again, you will have to set up
separate entries in config.xml for each generic mail ID you want to
define (i.e. each 'list').  I think it would be really cool if the list
definitions could be dynamic too.  Perhaps the James developers would be
willing to take this on as an enhancement?

If nothing else, maybe this provides some additional fodder for
consideration (i.e. 'food for thought').

-----Original Message-----


>> That way, 'support' can forward to multiple people. <<

That's a different problem, but one I may have to address in the future,
too.  Generally, I want to stay away from modifying the config file
(except perhaps for testing) and prefer to drive everything from a
database.  Still, every nugget of info I can get on James is helpful in
my gaining better understanding of how it works.

Thanks for the tip!


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