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From "alan.gerhard" <alan.gerh...@gercom.com>
Subject RE: incoming mail from remote server regarded as spam
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 14:29:30 GMT
james configuration is a bit tricky in the begining, but it
gets easier with time.

without knowing too much of your config file, it sounds, as
Noel said, your are missing some key configfuration

review the config file and focus on the comments that stress
user correction/review.

off the top of my head,
check that user(s) are set up (if not used as a gateway)
check that the server tag is up (the domain you are
makesure the RecipientIsLocal mailet and HostIsLocal are
actually being called


> > it does not match the RecipientIsLocal matcher
> The means the e-mail was not addressed to a valid local
> address at a valid domain specified for that server.
> > hence instead of getting processed by LocalDelivery
> > mailet, it gets processed by RemoteDelivery mailet.
> What happened to the HostIsLocal matcher?  Did you remove
> it, or did it also fail to match?  Assuming that you
> didn't remove it, then it sounds as if you haven't
> finished configuring James, and have yet to configure the
> <servernames> element.
>     --- Noel

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