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From Steen Jansdal <...@buanco.dk>
Subject Re: FetchPOP and recipients
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 12:57:35 GMT
Danny Angus wrote:
> Steen,
> Thanks for this, but I'm sorry to say that we probably won't use it,  Fetch is undergoing
some re-writing at the moment to extend it to 
include IMAP accounts as well, but even so your idea breaks the 
principle by which fetch works;
> Fetch is intended to insert mail into James' spool where it will pass through mailets
and matchers.
> It is intended by design that mail fetched by fetch will be routed by being filtered
by mailets and processed by matchers.
> A special matcher exists for this purpose it is used to match mail (only once as it strips
its header to prevent looping) fetched by a named "fetch", it is intended that you use this
matcher and a forward, redirect or alias mailet to route the fetched mail to its new destination.
> Don't be disheartened, we like getting contributions, if you do anything else _do_ post
> d.


That you won't use it is quite allright with me, but a little
sad for me, since then I have to maintain this patch myself.

I forgot to tell you that this <recipients> tag are optional.
If it isn't there mails are handled in the exact same way as

The only thing this patch do is attach a list of recipients
to the mail, in the exact same way mails smtp'ed to James
have a list of recipients attached. They are still sent to
the spooler, and mailets and matchers can still be used.


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