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From Don Sykes <alph...@pacbell.net>
Subject Newbie: Mail Doesn't get to my Mailboxes
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 23:21:06 GMT

I'm running James now and I can send mail outside of my domain, but when
I try to send into me, from anywhere, it doesn't seem to get to my

I have users set up and I think I can log in from Netscape Mail ok,
cause when I do, a corresponding sub-directory appears in inboxes. But
they don't contain anything and when I click GetMessages it says, "no
new messages on server".

My smtpserver...log shows entries like:
05/03/03 14:59:09 INFO  smtpserver: Successfully spooled mail from
aex@alphase.com for [don@alphase.com]
05/03/03 14:59:10 INFO  smtpserver: Connection from
adsl-67-125-xx-xx.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net (67.125.xx.xx)

and my pop3server...log, shows entried like:
05/03/03 15:03:26 INFO  pop3server: Connection from
adsl-67-125-xx.xx.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net (67.125.xx.xx) 
05/03/03 15:03:26 INFO  pop3server: Connection for webmaster from
adsl-67-125-xx.xx.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net (67.125.xx.xx) closed.

mailnet...log shows:
05/03/03 14:59:10 INFO  James.Mailet: RemoteDelivery: Attempting
delivery of Mail1046905150145-121-to-alphase.com to host alphase.com. to
addresses [don@alphase.com]
05/03/03 14:59:10 INFO  James.Mailet: RemoteDelivery: Mail
(Mail1046905150145-121-to-alphase.com) sent successfully to alphase.com.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?


Don Sykes

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