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From "Alan Gerhard" <alan.gerh...@GerCom.Com>
Subject RE: Any dns change in 2.1.2?
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:14:26 GMT
~From: Randahl Fink Isaksen [mailto:randahl@rockit.dk]
~According to my ISP I had a DNS misconfiguration problem - something
~about an invalid MX record and more (admittedly I do not know everything
~about DNS servers).

The DNS server and James are separate - by not having the DNS properly set up
(missing MX records, etc.) will be a problem with all SMTP servers, not just
Granted, a little more documentation on setting up the James DNS entry properly

~The way I see it, James should not even be able to
~sneeze without the hostmaster being notified. My companys e-mail

By debug logging and utilizing several mailets, you can get James to more or
less CHA with redundant repositories etc..

~delivery is on the line, so if anything is just a little shaky
~I want to know about it. But maybe I overlooked some configuration parameters
~which could improve the postmaster notification? For instance, is it
~possible to get notified if any kind of exception occurs?
This is not a bad idea - but this would depend on the system being properly set
up. I struggled almost a month trying to get the James DNS entry set up
properly - and this was primarily because I didn't know where the error was -
yep, a User Error :-)

Is there anyway you can test your installation with a third part tool ?? This
might help you see where it MIGHT be broken


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