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From Rick Grashel <javaban...@discountpress.com>
Subject RE: Multiple ports and SMTP auth...
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 05:57:53 GMT

Thanks for the quick response.  I most likely will use the mailing list
as the 1-to-many alias->recipients mechanism.  That looks to be the
least invasive way to do it.

Thanks for the ipchains suggestion.  That should work fine should there
not be different requirements for the users of both ports.  Although, I
definitely think that separate SMTP processes (possibly multiple
<smtpserver> entries) should be permitted, so they can be configured
independently if need be.  Seems like virtual domains should some how be
intertwined with this concept.  Although it looks like the current
schema of the configuration file might need some refactoring to
accommodate that.  What the heck... code is never done unless its been
refactored at least three times, right?  ;-)

I'll dig a little deeper on the issue where all of my mail was being
sent straight to the spam bucket.  The root processor was doing this.  I
could tell this because I had uncommented the lines in the config.xml
which informs the sender that their message was filtered out.  The
interesting thing is that the spam bounceback message _itself_ was also 
filtered as spam and sent straight to the spam bucket.  This ended up
causing an endless loop which put thousands of entries in my
/var/mail/spam folder (several hundred MBs), and a few hundred processes
hanging out there.  I had to forcefully kill JAMES to stop the endless
loop from happening.  This is probably something that I should report as
a defect, but I don't think I have enough information (yet) to really
give enough intelligent details.  I'll work on it and see what I come up

Thanks again for the response.  It was valuable.

-- Rick

On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 22:45, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > 1) Through the remote manager, is it possible for JAMES to set multiple
> > recipients for a single alias?
> No.  Something I would like to see in James v3.  Meanwhile, you can do this
> with a mailet, either using a mailing list, an Redirect, or a patched
> version of JDBCVirtualUserTable.
> > 2) It is possible for JAMES to listen for SMTP on more than one port?
> No.  Another thing I'd like to see possible in James v3. HOWEVER ...
> > for a certain number of my users (usually on dialup), port 25
> > is blocked from their use by their ISPs.  So they are required
> > to send on another port.
> Can I assume that you are using a real operating system?  If so, you can do
> something like:
>  $ ipchains -I input --proto TCP --dport <user-port> -j REDIRECT smtp
> > is SMTP auth and using RBLs mutually exclusive?
> Shouldn't be, but without SMTP AUTH, RCPT TO should reject e-mail that isn't
> for a local host.
> > it sent all of my outgoing email straight to the spam bucket.
> What is "it"?  You ought to be able to turn on debugging, and see which
> matcher caused your messages to be sent to the spam processor.
> 	--- Noel
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