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From "Marc Chamberlin" <ma...@easystreet.com>
Subject Re: Path to Custom mailets in James 2.1a1
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:35:20 GMT
Hehe I got the same question! So don't think it is a silly one! :-) I am trying to upgrade
from 2.0a3 and there is no james.bar file
to stick my mailets.jar file into anymore... I too tried and noted the same proliferation
of directories under the work directory...
So inquiring minds would like to know the new trick!

Also an FYI... In the database connections block of config.xml there are some examples which
have nested comments (one of which was
unterminated) This makes it tricky to use and if one does like I did and just adds in their
user name and password then uncomments
the outer block of comment delimiters... it will make the XML parser cranky and it is a bit
difficult to find the error. A bit of
reorganization of these comments would be helpful I think... Something more like this....

<!-- Example, connecting to a MySQL database called "mail" on localhost-->

<!-- Maximum concurrent connections james may open to this database-->

<!-- If you see "SQLException: Giving up... no connections available." in your

log files or bounced mail increase this "max" value -->

<data-source name="maildb" class="org.apache.james.util.mordred.JdbcDataSource">







    Marc  Chamberlin...

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From: "Vernon Riley" <info@kutchka.com>
To: <james-user@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 9:40 AM
Subject: Path to Custom mailets in James 2.1a1

> Puzzled....
> Seems like a silly question but,
> Where does James 2.1.a1 ( retrieved via CVS at weekend ) expect to find
> custom mailets ( and cope with their dependency on Generic Mailet etc ) ? I
> have tried the SAR-INF/lib directories under the
> dist/james-2.1a1-cvs/work/james-1034699077336 ?? - and found these seem to
> proliferate ?
> Thanks in anticipation
> Vernon Riley
> Info@kutchka.com
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