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From Uwe Rosebrock <...@rosebrock.org>
Subject Re: aliases
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 23:41:54 GMT
Hi guys,
>> If you really want to use it I will do it once I finished my current
>> project.
> I wondered how this ties into James' users, if there is a maping 
> between
> users and addresses would it not be better to (eventually) include 
> this in
> the account details, rather than an external mapping..
one table reflects the user account, so the User - lookup is directed 
to there too..

> If what you have works without altering James User functionality, and 
> gets
> there using dynamic mapping of aliases then thats just fine (because 
> it is
> self contained), but not a whole solution.
> IMHO a whole solution would have to have integrated (integrated with 
> James'
> User repositories) support for multiple mail domains each having 
> distinct
> user namespace.
That's right, that is what you get now with a more restrictive policy 
on what domain can be assigned to what user name.

> (I've tested a solution which uses POP binding to IP addresses to 
> decide
> which domains set of users to log you onto,
> and as a "named vhost"  alternative the use of full addresses as 
> usernames
> to determine which domain to use. I had a hdd head crash and lost it, 
> but
> to my mind any "complete" vhost solution would have to have unique user
> account namespaces for each mail domain. As POP3 makes it hard to 
> identify
> what domain you think you are logging into the awkwardness arises 
> there,
> and not with the internal handling of account names and mail routing)
see above, this becomes a management issue more than anything else, the 
concept will prevail- map user account to aliases@domain.

Noel, Serge
fair enough, that just means to me that these parts of the code in 
particular are still under heavy development (beyond state that to 
which they always are - which I didn't they are...).
The comment I made was out of frustration to want to overwrite a public 
method and having to replace the entire class.


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