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From Uwe Rosebrock <...@rosebrock.org>
Subject aliases
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 11:05:15 GMT
Hi Danny and Noel,

Danny, yes it does it properly, Noel I doubt though that one table can 
cope with several domains and several aliases per domain.
I don't want to bore you with my approach, it is too simple anyway.

As to Noels argument about private fields, explain to me how you need 
to support something somebody else writes and deploys (meaning extends 
a service class adds some functionality...)? Providing protected access 
methods for fields is good coding practice and encourages use and 
expansion, the major principle of Open Source, or are we talking about 
different idea of Open Source here?

I have major respect for what you guys are doing, but also haven't 
started yesterday designing and developing software, I do that for a 


PS. in case you want to know
I keep the actual address and the mail account (pop3 username) 
separate, that solves the pop3 hassle (doesn't stop it from being the 
after that there is only use a mapping between domain, alias and pop3 
username (and a few other things I like to use) - I am sure you  get 
the idea.
The matcher just needs db access, since it doesn't have access to the 
normal configuration architecture the condition param becomes a 
absolute file path, from there you share a static instance of config...
Even without code you know what I am talking about, dead simple.

  I also created a table which contains a list of domains and ip which 
are to be refused, an extension of server and handler do the rest, 
since  I don't want to restart james all the time if I add or remove 

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