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From "Jason Webb" ...@inovem.com>
Subject [PATCH] mbox mail repository
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 10:46:39 GMT
Due to a couple of user requests I've coded a simple (at the moment)
mbox mail repository. Note that this is NOT a SPOOL repository as using
mbox for that would be performance suicide!

The repository is optimised for write (append) usage, rather than using
the mbox to reading email as people have indicated that they'd like to
read the mbox files in other applications (mail list viewers) etc. It
does not currently support dot-locking. If people need it then I'll
write it.

I've tested it with a 2000 entry mbox from the IBM Thinkpad mailing list
archive as well as similar sizes of mbox from the GNU C list and the
POP3 performance is usable, but on the slow side. However, the
repository can deal with incorrect mbox entries it that's your poison.

I have placed a sample usage in the config.xml file (but commented out)

Apologies for the code, I've had tonsilitis and not always been that
sane. :)

-- Jason

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