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From David Shpil <da...@harmeron.com>
Subject Spool processing (was 'Spool manager on M$ SQL' at James-User)
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 10:16:48 GMT

I'm still trying to get spool manager working better under some load.
As I mentioned before, message rate of more then 4 per sec overloads
the spool manager and dramaticly increases local delivery time. If the
message rate remains the same for some time, a local delivery time
continues to grow.

IMHO, the problem is that Spool Manager grabs all messages available from
the spool and then processes them. In my case, message rate is relatively
and it causes the manager to grab more and more messages every time.

So, first thing I would like to achieve is to provide kind of "quality of
for local delivery. In other words: I want to have minimal "local delivery
message rate",
regardless of "incoming message rate". This might be done by making a spool
to grab limited number of messages ...

Am I going in right direction? If I am, what changes should be done at
sqlResouces.xml file?



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