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From Hendrik Dev <hendrikde...@gmail.com>
Subject RCF822 or RFC2822 addresses
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2014 23:13:03 GMT

i am planning to use mime4j address parser for geronimo-javamail as an
replacement for the handcrafted one (at least to parse "strict") for
version 1.5.

So i looked at the org.apache.james.mime4j.field.address package.
Javadoc says its an RFC2822 address but the Mailbox class has a method
to figure out the route, which is RFC822 and obsolete in later specs.
Is mime4j about RFC822 or RFC2822?

Another question is about strict and non strict address parsing.
Strict one is covered by the spec but how mime4j handle non-strict
(=lenient) parsing. What exactly is defined lenient (or in other
words: what is allowed in lenient mode but forbidden in strict mode).

The third time is the charm so the last question is: Are there plans
to "upgrade to/implement" RFC 5322?


Hendrik Saly (salyh, hendrikdev22)
PGP: 0x22D7F6EC

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