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From Günther Schmidt <guenther.schm...@kmmd.de>
Subject Re: Automatic Decoding of field contents
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 22:05:02 GMT
Hello Ioan,

I guess the (Content-type) Fieldparser would have worked fine and 
recognized this correctly if the preceeding QuotedPrintableDecoder had 
turned this into "name=Redcom Erlössplitter.zip". In the 7,790 emails I 
test against there is only a total of 20 cases such as this. I don't 
know what's causing this odd encoding, whether the original mail client 
or the MTA is responsible for it.

At the moment I'm not even sure if in order to remedy this to make it 
the QuotedPrintableDecoder's responsibility or the FieldParsers. Or just 
ignore the problem and create a work around.

My Thunderbird email client was however able to parse it.


Am 30.05.12 23:44, schrieb Ioan Eugen Stan:

name*0*=iso-8859-15''Redcom%20Erl%F6santeilsplit;   name*1*=ter.zip

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