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From Günther Schmidt <guenther.schm...@kmmd.de>
Subject Re: Automatic Decoding of field contents
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 21:07:41 GMT
Hi everyone,

sorry for the confusion, the mimeparser set to do decoding *does* also 
decode content fields. It just has trouble recognizing some more exotic 
ones correctly, like this one:

Content-Type: application/zip; 

Anybody here know a neat trick to get around this hick up?


Am 30.05.12 00:37, schrieb Günther Schmidt:
> Hi everyone,
> I've figured out how to get the parser to automatically decode input 
> streams, ie make mime4j return Base64InputStream or 
> QuotedPrintableInputStream, by setting 
> MimeStreamParser.setContentDecoding(true).
> However this does not seem to affect the contents of any of the 
> headers fields. Their bodies are still quotedprintable encoded, even 
> when parsed, ie turned into a ParsedField, which causes some errors in 
> my code.
> I haven't found the switch for automatically decoding the field 
> contents as well. What do I have to do?
> Günther

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