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From Andreas Veithen <andreas.veit...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: mime4j and Java 1.6
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 11:50:10 GMT
On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 12:07, Felix Knecht <felix@otego.com> wrote:
> Hi Andreas
> Java 1.5 has reached it's EOL already 2 years ago [1].

Oracle's JDK reached EOL, but Java != Oracle.

> ATM there's not yet a
> particular reason to need Java 1.6 but it's an invitation to switch to Java
> 1.6 (which is also already quite mature)

For the Axiom project it would be an invitation to switch to another
library or to implement its own MIME parsing logic again (we had our
own code until a couple of months ago, but it became unmaintainable).
Axiom is used by Axis2 and these type of frameworks tend to be used on
platforms where people don't necessarily have the freedom to upgrade
Java to a new version.

> and a preparation for next release
> of mime4j which may have particular reasons to need at least Java 1.6. The
> James project in general agreed to move to Java 1.6.

I don't see any issue with James (as a server product) requiring Java
1.6, but for libraries produced by the James project and that may be
used by other projects, you should only require 1.6 if there is a good

> Regards
> Felix
> [1] http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5/
> On 11/22/2011 11:43 AM, Andreas Veithen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed that since today (I guess since r1204874), mime4j trunk
>> requires Java 1.6. This makes it unusable for Apache Axiom because we
>> need to support Java 1.5. Is there a particular reason for this
>> change?
>> Andreas

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