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From Florent Georges <li...@fgeorges.org>
Subject Parsing a multipart stream, without its headers
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2009 15:05:30 GMT

  I've just discovered mime4j.  I've looked for an answer in the
website, but maybe I'm just asking for the obvious, sorry about

  I have a stream that represents the content of a multipart.
But the headers already have been consumed by the system.  In
particular, the Content-Type header is not there anymore.  So
when I use a MimeStreamParser, it does not recognize it as a
multipart, parses the headers of the first part, and tries to
analyze the whole stream using the Content-Type of the first part
(for instance text/html).

  Is there any way to parse such a stream, by providing the
already-parsed headers programmatically to the MIME stream


Florent Georges


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