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From "Smith, Mike (Doncaster) AU" <mike.sm...@hanson.biz>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Use a Blog for news
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 00:07:03 GMT

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefano Bagnara [mailto:apache@bago.org] 
Sent: Monday, 20 August 2007 10:04
To: general@james.apache.org
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Use a Blog for news

Noel J. Bergman ha scritto:
> Stefano Bagnara wrote:
>> Sorry, I don't understand this. I read on CWIKI pages that after a 
>> PMC agreed they can file a request for a confluence space using the 
>> INFRA JIRA. I think this is separate from volunteering to mantain
> Yes, separate issues.  Confluence is a Wiki.

Can you enumerate what are the blog features that are not present in

  We already have Wiki space.
> The other thing that Confluence is used for by some projects is to 
> edit their web-pages.  That is a far more controversial usage, frowned

> upon by some parts of the ASF, used by others.  The key thing is 
> Confluence performance, which might be considered to be an oxymoron.  
> Accordingly, the ASF restricts the use of Confluence; it is used only 
> as an editor, then static pages are exported, and served by httpd.

This works perfectly for many ASF projects, and I think it would work
perfectly for us, too. There is no need to provide the pages dynamically
when we can have them autoexported (being it an rss, a wiki page, or a
blog). As you said, some project use it successfully, some other project
dislike it: that's why there is a VOTE. This way we'll know what is our

>> Well, Confluence and JIRA are really similar: same company, same 
>> licensing.
> Yes, I know.  Atlassian, which also acquired Cenqua (FishEye, 
> Crucible, and Clover).  Spoke with those guys today, in fact.

I think the relationship between Atlassian and ASF do not belong to this
mailing list: if the ASF will sooner or later think that ASF hosted
projects should avoid using JIRA or Confluence I think ASF should make
this clear using the appropriate mailing lists.
At the moment I'm not aware of official ASF rules/hints about not using
Atlassian services.

>> I prefer Confluence to Roller because it would provide us better 
>> integration with JIRA
> How so?  And have you made any suggestions to the Roller team about 
> new features?

Why do you always try to go offtopic? I'm proposing to use CWIKI (a
currently available service from the ASF infrastructure) and you ask me
if I submitted suggestions to Roller?
Should I submit an issue to Roller writing "Why doesn't Roller do this
or that like Confluence?" or "Why isn't Roller available like CWIKI in
the ASF?" ??

Why do you prefer ant to maven? Have you made any suggestion to the
maven team about new features? ;-) [please, don't reply to this
question. I'm just joking]

>> IMHO [Confluence] is a more complete tool that give us a blog as a 
>> starting point but that we'll be also able to use for much more 
>> things (like exporting some website part to improve the publishing 
>> workflow).
> Let's not adopt tools for stealth agenda.  Let's be upfront about what

> we want, what our needs are, and what tools can address them.
> 	--- Noel

The goal from Danny was a simpler way to publish news: we agreed that a
blog was fine but not everyone was fine with it being hosted outside the
ASF. The only tool currently available from ASF that can do a similar
thing is confluence, so I simply proposed it.
You can, of course, propose a (better) alternative, and your best right
is that you can cast your vote :-)

I think confluence would be good not only because it is the only current
available (from the ASF) tool that can do this, but also because I think
it would be a good tool for site-related authoring even if we had others
available to choose from. Of course this is only my idea.


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