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From "Immanuel, Gidado-Yisa" <a...@cdc.gov>
Subject [PATCH] mods to ApplicationContext's getResourcePaths
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 17:38:18 GMT
Crossposting to watchdog-dev as this should be of interest

I've made some modifications to catalina.core.ApplicationContext
to fix a bug reported in bugzilla (don't have the number, bugzilla
is currently unreachable from here...search on ServletContext...has
to do with consecutive '//').  Also, these changes needed to pass a
new test that I recently submitted to watchdog-dev.

The changes are simply:
  1. Return null if input path argument is null (currently, NPE thrown)
  2. Return null if a NamingException occurs in looking up a path
     (all the occurrances of NamingException [I've seen] report
     the error: "resource not found") (current empty set is returned)
  3. Change all occurrances of the pattern "/*" in the input path to "/"

These changes reflect my understanding of the doc for this method.
I send an earlier email on watchdog-dev asking for clarifications:


But since I did not receive anything feedback, I just went ahead
and coded to my understanding.

- Gidado

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