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From "Immanuel, Gidado-Yisa" <a...@cdc.gov>
Subject [PATCH] support for missing test: GetResourcePathsTest
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 17:20:46 GMT
Crossposting to tomcat-dev as this should be of interest

I did not see an support for the (watchdog) testing of the method:


So I've created the necessary tests, which are attached
as (watchdog-patches0.txt).  I wasn't clear on how to
create a patch that included a new file, so I put all
the new files in the attached (watchdog-added.zip). Will
add this info to bugzilla (when it becomes available).

Note that I had to create the new directory "getResourcePaths"
in servlet-tests/WEB-INF that is reserved for GetResourcePathsTest.
This new path has a subdirectory, 'empty' which is empty.  This
empty dir did not get picked up in the zip (neither would it be
picked up in cvs if 'prune empty directories' is set). To accomadate
for that, the build file creates the empty directory at build time.

This is what the test checks for:
  1. for a path argument of 'null', it expects a null
  2. for a path arguments with consecutive '//', it expects
     these to be canonicalized to '/' in the returned paths.
  3. For a path argment that does not exist, it expects null
  4. For a path argment that does not contain anything, it
     expects an empty set

Anyway, adding this test will mean that Tomcat 4 does not pass.
But that patch is coming shortly.

- Gidado

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